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Hypnotherapy Glasgow

I am passionate about helping people, like you, make positive change towards achieving your goals through hypnotherapy and coaching.

I use a blended approach, tailoring each session to your specific needs, getting to the root of your problems to create change for the long term. I provide a personalised recording for use after your hypnotherapy session for ongoing support.

Through my starter, positive progression and flagship programs, I support early stage female entrepreneurs gain the confidence, clarity and belief to move forward with their dream business idea.

Goals & Confidence
hypnotherapy glasgow

Starter Session: 2-hour hybrid hypnotherapy and coaching session for early-state female entrepreneurs who are craving a dose of clarity, direction and confidence to get started.

Positive Progression
hypnotherapy glasgow

Positive Progression: 4 week private program for early-stage female entrepreneurs who want clarity, an actionable business roadmap and to overcome their inner critic and boost confidence.

Fear to Fearless
hypnotherapy glasgow

Flagship Program: 10 week hypnotherapy and coaching hybrid program for early-stage female entrepreneurs who lacking self-confidence and know-how to propel forward in their business.

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Would highly recommend. I went to Debbie after years of being a nail biter ( I know disgusting habit didn’t mean I wouldn’t do it though) 6 weeks on and not touched them. I have no idea how this works but amazing. Debbie made me feel relaxed and talked me through everything. If you need a bit of help Debbie is fantastic xx

Sharon Murray

I'm just back from my first dental appointment in almost 40 years! No one, and I mean no one, has a bigger dental phobia than me! However, one session with Deborah got me there. I cannot thank or rate this lady highly enough. Thank you Deborah.

Jim Gordon

Had a great session of hypnotherapy with Deborah and after 22 years of smoking haven't touched a cigarette and it's been over 4 weeks so far. Deborah made me feel very relaxed and gave me all the information I needed to know about hypnosis. Amazing.

Scott Plant

I had a brilliant hypnotherapy session over zoom with Deborah. She spent time with me beforehand discussing what I hoped to get from the session and really getting to the bottom of what I needed. Doing the session remotely was so easy and just felt natural and like we were in the same room. I can’t recommend her enough - she’s had such a positive impact on my outlook.

Fiona MacKinnon

Debbie is a fantastic therapist and I would highly recommend her! I had an online (via Face Time) hypnotherapy session the day before I started a new job, in a new industry and a new city! The session focused on positivity, building confidence, looking to the future and ensuring I was able/equipped to manage any doubts, nerves or negative thoughts I may have. I was completely relaxed, I felt safe and Debbie’s calming voice meant I was able to get the most out of the session. I really felt the benefit on my first day and continuing to do so 10 days on! If anyone is unsure about hypnotherapy, trust me, it works! If you are thinking about trying it or even want to find out more, I would most definitely recommend Debbie.

Lee Walker

From the first contact with Deborah she was a very open positive and helpful person. She has a professional but caring approach. Deborah helped me find the confidence and belief in myself. This enabled me to work towards and achieve a professional qualification which I believed was unachievable. I will be forever grateful. I would highly recommend her services.

Lorraine Conway

Educated, articulate and skilled hypnotherapist with excellent counselling and diagnostic skills. Debbie's demeanour is friendly whilst maintaining complete professionalism. Gained my trust allowing sensitive and confidential matters to be identified resulting in complete success. I highly recommend Debbie... take that first step... it means so much... I did that yes I did that, and feel fabulous... and you can too!

Karen McCaig

Results may vary - a desire for change and full commitment are required for best outcomes

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hypnotherapy glasgow

About Me

My story and journey has been one of self-discovery, growth, transitioning careers and self-development.

After 15+ successful years in the Financial services industry, I began to crave more freedom and wanted to make my own impactful contribution in the world. I dreamed of helping and supporting people so decided to follow that dream which began with starting a degree. As my confidence grew I realised that I could do so much more than I had originally thought possible which is when I decided the 9-5 was no longer right for me. I left my corporate career to immerse myself in education and voluntary work experience. This lead to me securing a role in the mental health sector with the NHS enhancing my experience and confidence. It was then time to leave another ‘job”, take that giant leap and start my dream life!

hypnotherapy glasgow

I had achieved a First Class Honours Degree in Psychology with Counselling and a Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy, spent many hours in meditation practice to gain the clarity I needed and worked hard on my confidence and self-belief. I now have my own Confidence Coaching & Hypnotherapy business and get to work on my terms.

Now I get the chance to wake before the rest of the world and enjoy some meditation, exercise and green tea! This helps me be the best version of myself so that I can continue supporting all my wonderful clients and helping them become the best versions of themselves.


  • First Class Honours Degree in Psychology with Counselling
  • COSCA Counselling Skills Certificate
  • Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy
  • Reiki Level 2 (Practitioner)
  • Life Coaching
hypnotherapy glasgow
hypnotherapy glasgow
hypnotherapy glasgow
hypnotherapy glasgow
hypnotherapy glasgow
hypnotherapy glasgow