Why doing the inner work will help you create the life you want

Jan 19, 2022

Create your Vision, design your Life; it all starts with the inner work

Did you know there are parts of you that have been wounded from experiences in your past?  Those experiences have created beliefs within your subconscious mind that are creating your current reality.  These beliefs form who you think you are and what life you think you could have. It's also these beliefs that stop you striving for more from life as

Is mediocre OK? Do you believe that’s all you are worthy of having?  

When you decide to put your needs first and begin your healing journey you can create the life you want.  A life with more peace, more abundance, more love ❤️.  Whatever it is you need more of, you can create it when you start your inner work today.

Hi, my name is Deborah Craig.  I empower women to heal themselves from the inside and explore their full potential to create the life they want.  I'm a hypnotherapist and Coach and my true purpose in life is to raise up other women to live their happiest, most fulfilled and content life.

It takes commitment on your part to go through your own journey but your future self will thank you for it when you do!  You deserve to live your greatest life. 

Inside this blog I'll share more about..

💫What is a vision

💫 Why you're not creating a vision & what happens when you do!

💫Top Tip to create your vision 

What do I mean when I say ....create a vision?

I mean, create the imagineyour head about the life you would like to be living.  To create the vision, you simply need to be intentional about the process.  Giving time to visualising your ideal life.  What does it feel like and what does it look like.  Once you know the vision you only need to know the first steps towards achieving it then take action.

Without a vision..or a dream...you may find yourself drifting from one day to the next without any real sense of purpose or joy.  This can manifest itself in you feeling lost, experiencing longer than you'd like periods of discontentment, apathy about your current situation, staying in toxic environments/relationships which could all lead to low mood and possibly more serious mental health conditions

So why are you not creating a vision and what happens when you do?

Throughout your life you might have been told on more than one occasion by more than one person that some things in life are just not available to you.  What you're trying to achieve isn't possible.  When you hear these opinions, these beliefs of others they lodge in your brain which creates a blueprint in your subconscious mind.  These opinions and beliefs may have been lodged in your mind as far back as childhood and form the basis of the stories you tell yourself about what is and isn't possible for your future.

After a while you stop reaching and start settling. 

It doesn't need to be this way... when you have the courage to heal yourself from the inside out, smashing through those old beliefs that were impressed upon you by other people, release the trauma and set yourself free from the past, you'll become unstoppable. 

Inner healing & your vision

When you build rock solid confidence and deep self-worth you won't hesitate to follow your true hearts desires in life.  Anything is possible when you have the confidence to step into your own power.

Many of my clients, including myself have done just that.  When we put our needs first, a new world of opportunities opened up in front of our eyes.

Before you start the inner work you believe only path A is available to you.  When you do the inner work, paths B, C, D, E & F also all become available.  You create choices

Imagine this analogy...one I use with my clients all the time to understand the true benefit of creating your vision

...you're at the foot of a mountain and when you look up you see the mountain is pretty steep
you're at the bottom but the view from the bottom is actually great...you can see quite far out in front of you and what's surrounding you is quite lovely

you have building curiosity about what might be visible from the top of the mountain but it just seems too big to climb and you're pretty happy at the foot of it 

Imagine this as your life...you may be happy with most things in and that's fantastic however you can only see so far

If you climbed up a ladder you'd see further but still all from the lower starting point

but imagine you had the confidence and belief that you could climb this mountain, even just half way?

If you had the dedication to do the training, maintain the discipline and had the know-how to climb up that mountain

Just imagine, for a few seconds...you’re half way up....what’s the view like now?

It’s spectacular….its new…it’s been unknown this whole time and now you can see so much further, you can see so far into the distance

Imagine this was opportunities, all of those new unknowns that you couldn't see from the foot of the mountain.

This is just a small sample of the work I carry out with my clients and what I teach them about vision and moving themselves closer to the life they want to live.

Your current reality is based on your all your experiences to date and the beliefs you have about yourself.  

You can create new vision...write yourself a new story from today...you'll see the world from a whole different perspective

Tip for creating your vision!

Every day...for as many days as you can manage..

I think about my big vision every day...throughout the day too…as it helps remind me of who I need to be in that day and the habits I need to have to achieve the life I want.

🙏🏻 Start simple by taking 2-3 minutes each day

🙏🏻 sit with your eyes closed and take a few deep belly breathes to centre yourself and clear your mind

🙏🏻 visualise yourself climbing up that mountain 

🙏🏻 Each step you're feeling more and more confident

🙏🏻 Each step becoming curious about what the view will be like from the half way point

🙏🏻You're becoming more and more aware that the world is full of untapped opportunities and full of abundance that's just waiting for you

🙏🏻 visualising the feeling of an abundance of opportunities beginning to flow directly to you...and now as you open look at the view from half way up…you finally see them, nothing is hidden from you because you found the courage to climb up the mountain...one step at a time

Those parts of you that were filled with disbelief about what you're capable of and what you deserve are now grounded in strength and confidence deep within you and from this day forward when you visualise your mountain...your life..have the courage to climb a little higher and look to see just what’s out there.

I hope you enjoyed this blog as much as I did writing it.

Follow your dreams 💫

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