How to stop 'spinning the wheels' in your life

Dec 06, 2022
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Are you busy all the time, peddling fast but really just spinning the wheels in your life?  

It's exhausting isn't it and you're probably not really getting anywhere.

We've all been there but what if there was a way to get clear on what you want so you can take action in the right direction?  Read on for how to take back control of your life and start living it to the fullest.


Hi, I'm Deborah Craig, Intuitive Life Mentor and Hypnotherapist and I've found many ambitious, professional women become overwhelmed with day to day life, getting stuck in a rut and eventually give up on themselves and their own dreams.

I empower them to take back control of their life and become their best self by following my 7 step journey of personal transformation and growth resulting in more balance and confidence to reach their full potential in all areas of life.


I remember all the years 'doing' instead of 'being'

It robbed me of the present moment and I never had full peace of mind.  I knew I wasn't as happy as I could be but didn't realise I was in control of that.  I was focused on the external rather than the internal.

Those were the times I was spinning the wheels, working hard and playing hard.  Always wanting to be 'there' instead of 'here'

It was a choice to stay where I was but I didn't realise that at the time.  I was choosing a lifestyle I was used to because it was familiar even though I really wanted it to be different.  

I prayed for peace of mind and things to feel balanced and aligned but it didn't come straight away.  Maybe some of my old poor logic and patterns will resonate with you...

  • Fear of rejection and failure
  • Not knowing how to become who I wanted to be so stayed 'spinning'
  • Avoidance through unhealthy habits and 'keeping busy'
  • Drama cycles in relationships and never expressing my needs
  • Lack of self awareness and direction


What I discovered is probably what you need right now..

A pause  

Yes, as simple as that.  Stop. Pause. Breathe.

I found meditation helpful and learning more about the power of awareness, acceptance and non judgement.  It cleared the noise from my head and gave me space to 'be'. That helped me find clarity.

There's lots of ways to find pause like..

Walking, reading, silence, coffee alone at Starbucks, the beach, being near water, journalling...

When you make 'pausing' part of your routine, like me, you'll gain the clarity you need for your next steps.  Just as I did, you can take control of your own life and make the changes you want.


I've devoted my life's purpose to helping women who have lost their way, feel stressed and anxious about life and their next steps but know that they want to become the best version of themselves to be, do and have everything they desire in life.  

I am a compassionate guide

  • Helping you move forward with ease
  • Helping you bring in more balance to your life
  • Helping you find direction & clarity, aligning you with your ideal path 
  • Helping you build confidence and self worth to follow through on your goals and dreams


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Much love


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