Fast Effective Tips for reducing Stress & Anxiety

Jan 27, 2022

How to instantly reduce stress & anxiety;  top effective tools 

Being stressed an anxious can keep you stuck, unable to move forward with the task in hand or even forward in life but you can get unstuck.

I have put together 3 of my top strategies to help you get out of your head and back into your body so you can get on with your day.

Hi, my name is Deborah Craig.  I empower women to heal themselves from the inside and discover their full potential to create the life they want.  I'm a hypnotherapist and Coach and my true purpose in life is to raise up other women to live their happiest, most fulfilled and content life.

It takes commitment on your part to go through your own journey but your future self will thank you for it when you do!  You deserve to live your greatest life. 

Read on to discover:

💫 the difference between stress and anxiety

💫 some the common causes of stress/anxiety

💫 impact of unmanaged stress

💫 3 highly effective tools to release stress/anxiety from the body

Is it stress or anxiety? 🤔

Both terms are used a lot, especially during recent times of the pandemic.  But are they the same?  Well, they have many similarities but the main difference is stress is caused by external influence whereas anxiety is an internal experience.  So if you changed something about your situation and removed the stress you would feel good again versus anxiety which is still there even when there's nothing you can pin point making you anxious.

The physiology in your  body is similar.  Both can cause sweating palms, racing heart (sometimes to the point you feel like you're having a heart attack), overthinking, feeling frozen to the spot with fear/panic, dry mouth to name just a few.

Anxiety may need managed with professional support and seeking a mental health professional is recommended. 

What causes stress/anxiety? 🤔

💭 Stress may be caused by environmental factors such as difficult work/home conditions, work deadlines/pressure, overwhelming volume of work or personal financial/relationship issues.

Whilst it's natural to feel stressed at times and, for some people, it helps them achieve their goals, long term stress that's unmanaged may lead to anxiety.

💭 Anxiety may be caused by long term stress, trauma or environmental factors (not an exhaustive list).  If you're unable to change your environment and don't have the tools to manage your thoughts and feelings, anxiety can manifest and may lead to anxiety disorders such as OCD, social anxiety or even depression.

However, identifying your triggers to anxiety coupled with a toolbox of effective coping strategies will help you reduce stress/anxiety.  

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Here are just a few of my top tips to bring relief to your feelings of stress and anxiety.

3 Top Tips (watch the full 5 tips here YouTube)

#1 Physical release - ball and clench your fists and feet.  Squeeze and tense them up. Hold for 5-10 seconds then release. Repeat at least 5 times.  Feel the instant relaxation flowing through your body as you physically release the anxious feelings.   Try it – simple but highly effective.

#2 Breathwork - Breathe in for 4 counts (count in your head at the same time as the brain can’t think about two things at once!). Hold for 4 then breath out for 4. Repeat until your mind has stopped racing and your body settled back down. This technique is one of my favourites and I still use it myself!

#3 Movement - simple but one of the fastest ways to change your state.  Wherever you are, stand up and move around.  Walk, dance or just simply stretch.  Moving your body shifts your energy and this will get you out of your head and back into your body again

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