5 Tips for Ultimate Inner Healing: Self Love is the answer 💟

Jan 11, 2022

What is Self Love?  Why is it imporant?

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Hi, my name is Deborah Craig.  I empower women to heal themselves from the inside and explore their full potential to create the life they want.  I'm a hypnotherapist and Coach and my true purpose in life is to raise up other women to live their happiest, most fulfilled and content life.

I believe when you love yourself and make your needs known to both yourself and others you can make your dreams your reality.  Yes, it takes some commitment on your part to go through this journey but your future self will thank you for it when you do!  You deserve to live your greatest life

Inside this blog I'll discuss

💟 what you might experience from a lack of self love

💟 what self love is and how it compares with self-care

💟 top strategies to begin your inner healing journey and step into your most grounded, confident and clear-headed self


Do you find yourself overthinking every decision?  Doubting yourself?  

Ask yourself why you are in this position.  Are you taking on to much?  Are you juggling too many balls in the air?

If this is you, you're not creating time in your day to connect with self, process your emotions and decide consciously what you need which can leading to overwhelm and anxiety

Inner critic

Do you have a critical inner voice telling you you can't do certain things? Telling you you aren't good enough, smart enough etc?


Do you feel stuck, fearful to present your ideas or take action incase your less than perfect?  Valuing yourself based on the opinion of others gives your power away.  You're believing what someone else thinks/says about you and/or your work is more important than what you believe.  You've stopped trusting your own gut.

Are you basing your opinion of self on how others see you?  You believe their opinion of you to be true

People pleasing

Are you always at the end of your priority list?  Maybe you find it difficult to express your needs and just 'go with the status quo'.

This is more common than you might think and boils down to healthy boundary setting.  Setting boundaries with others isn't selfish, it's a way for you to protect your own inner peace and happiness.   

Toxic Relationships/People

Look at who is in your circle both immediate and outer. Who drains your energy - taking but never give anything in return or is even physically or mentally abusive?

So what's the antidote to all of these?

Self Love

Let's take a minute to compare self love with self care.  Whilst they are similar they're not exactly the same.  Self love is essentially love of self; having a high regard for your own well-being and happiness.  Attending to your needs and meeting them.  Self care is the action you take to offer yourself love.  Below I'll be sharing some ways you can create more self love in your life from today..

Have you ever wondered how, at times, it's easier to offer love to others to than to ourselves?

From as as early as childhood, the opinions/beliefs of others and experiences we had were impressed upon by the other adults/caregivers in our life all formed a blueprint in our subconscious mind creating the belief about who we think we are.  We then journey through life with these beliefs and they get cemented with each new experience.  This is great when they are positive but not so great when unhelpful for our growth.

From personal experience, I know how it feels to not feel good enough.  The thing is, I wasn't born with this belief but somehow it manifested itself and got lodged in my mind - just like your beliefs have in your mind.

When you take a look back over your life, you'll begin to understand that some of the belief/opinions and actions of other people are not your beliefs today.  Next you can start to look for ways to let them go.  You'll find videos/meditations/hypnosis on my YouTube channel to work through many different challenges in life.

You can choose to move forward with self-love and create your new reality by healing yourself from the inside today. Here's a few suggestions to get you started



Spending time alone with your own thoughts.  Guided meditation or silence is fine.  The key is taking the time to go inside by quietening the mind to give yourself the space to create awareness about how you feel.  By getting back into your body and out of your head you'll have a clearer mind, be making decisions that are more balanced, feel confident about the those decisions and the direction you are taking.

Ask for help

Don't let your ego get in the way; knowing how to reach out and ask for help is self love. Perhaps it's just having a good conversation with someone and airing how you're feeling.  Maybe you need help with your list of tasks or maybe you just feel lonely and need company.  There's always someone out there that can offer you assistance so don't be afraid to ask for help.

Taking time out

This is such a big topic and many of my clients experience the difficulty of being able to take time out for self.  Busy life, family, work, chores etc.  I understand we're all busy all of the time but creating that time for you to connect with self will help you become the best version of you; more grounded and centred by taking time out to reset to relieve feelings of chaos and stress.

Surrounding yourself with good people

People with similar goals and values is really helpful.  Finding your own tribe of those people and spending less time with those who are stealing from your energy.  You don't have to cut everyone out you just need find a way to balance your life with more people who want to live like you want to live.

Self Help

Watching videos, reading blogs and absorbing content from people like me or others you follow.  Listening to a great podcast perhaps.  Taking time to invest in yourself is showing yourself love because you are helping yourself grow and this will create more opportunities for you to live how you truly want

Spend time & money to invest your energy and attention on those things/people that raise your vibration, you'll thank yourself for it one day.


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