10 ways you're getting in your own way

Nov 18, 2022
Lost, sad, life out of control, no confidence, stuck in a rut, overwhelmed

Getting out of your own way opens up more opportunities to live your life the way you really want.  Without this, you risk missing out on becoming all you all you can be, do and have in life.  Read some of the barriers I had put in my way and see if they resonate with you.   


If you've been feeling out of sync, overwhelmed and wishing your life was different, you can take back control of your life - today!  It just takes one decision to start the journey.  You first have to be honest with yourself...

Hi, I'm Deborah Craig, Intuitive Life Mentor and I've found many ambitious, professional women become overwhelmed with day to day life, getting stuck in a rut and eventually give up on themselves and their own dreams.

I empower them to take back control of their life and become their best self by following my 7 step journey of personal transformation and growth resulting in more balance and confidence to reach their full potential in all areas of life.

This was me, which ones do you see yourself in? 

When I was....

  • Constantly helping others and getting involved in their lives
    • I was hiding from dealing with my own
  • Chasing the ‘next big thing’ in my corporate career
    • I was avoiding the journey towards my true path in life
  • Regularly feeling run down
    • I was burning the candle at both ends
  • Scared to take speak up and take risks
    • I missed out on opportunities and complained from the sideline
  • Keeping myself constantly ‘busy’
    • I forgot who I was and what I was actually capable of
  • Running on the treadmill of life
    • I got burnt out
  • Taking on everyone else’s problems with my own
    • I got anxiety
  • In toxic situations and experiences and around people with toxic behaviours
    • I felt, lost, trapped and scared to look at who I’d become
  • ‘Living it up’ in the party lifestyle
    • I felt shame, guilty and alone on the way back down
  • Showing up everyday with my smiling ‘game-face’ to the world
    • I was crying on the inside


How do you move forward?

The first step is awareness then acknowledging there is a problem.  Once you do that, you have conscious awareness and you are able to start asking yourself some of the key questions to move forward:-

  1. If I wasn't xyz (one or more of these behaviours above) what would my life be like? 
  2. What am I using xyz (one of these behaviours) to hide from in my own life?
  3. What one small step can I take today that will move me forward?


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Much love


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