1:1 supervision

Receiving supervision is so important as a therapist, and will certainly be part of your responsibility as a registered practitioner with a professional hypnotherapy organisation (please check your organisation's requirements for supervision). Supervision is a great way to receive the support you need and discuss your clients within a confidential setting. Each session is 60 minutes long and £50.  Please complete the enquiry form to book a session.

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Scripts for download

Whether you're a newly qualified hypnotherapist in search of new styles to enhance your own knowledge and build on your existing experience and training or an hypnotherapist looking for something different from your usual style, I have a collection of scripts for purchase to suit your needs.  Each script contains a prose, induction and content on a specific topic.  Click below to review the scripts and purchase (from £11.00)


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Confidence/strategy sessions 

Even therapists need personal support especially when it comes to feeling confident to work with new clients and build a business.  Having experienced those nerves and crisis of confidence, I know personally the challenges of being a new hypnotherapist. Having built a business, I know that inner belief is key. I offer 1:1 sessions/packages to help you build ultimate confidence & create the business you want. Contact below about a bespoke package to suit your needs 

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Lori is an experienced therapist of over 15 years and wanted to add hypnotherapy to her toolbox to enhance her work with clients.  She was nervous and avoided using it even though she was fully qualified.  After some sessions with myself I received this message

"I wanted to give you an update. I've confidently been using hypnotherapy with my clients and haven't felt scared at all!  I was able to use some of the simple techniques and my client loved it"

L, Smith, Therapist

Hi, my name is Deborah Craig.  I'm a qualified Hypnotherapist having trained with Dr Claire Jack, Academy of the Inner Mind (formerly The Academy of Integrated Hypnotherapy) in 2019, after which I opened my business.  I currently offer supervision for new and experienced hypnotherapists, scripts for purchase and private 1:1 sessions for support with business strategy and confidence building.  My background is in mental health with NHS24 and the Third Sector.  Prior to this I enjoyed a successful career in people management within the financial services industry. My credentials include COSCA Counselling Skills and a BSc in Psychology with Counselling.  I've lovingly ran my own business since 2019 helping women believe in themselves with my Transformative Hypno Coaching. It's a unique blend of hypnotherapy and life coaching, empowering women to heal, grow and thrive in every area of life.

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